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2017-05-30: GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH & TOMATO SOUP RECIPEServes 2 / Vegetarian  Cooking Time : 30 minutes

1st Try  : Last 2017-05-11 which I just winged it based on my palette's memory of how my fave grilled cheese at Big Bad Wolf (BGC) tasted like. I used a skillet to grill the sandwich over butter as how it should be properly done.

2nd Try : The day after the 1st try since I still have some leftover tomato soup. This time, I cut some corners again to make it more "sustainable" for the lazy-ass me. Used the toaster oven to grill the sandwich instead. No need to wash the skillet after use. 😜

Ingredients: 4 pcs         sliced bread (bought my multi-grain bread from Rustans for P75/loaf) 250 g        mozzarella cheese 150 g        cheddar cheese (quick-melt variety is recommended) 12 pcs       basil leaves, medium sized (some for sandwich and some for soup) 1 tbsp       honey 1 tbsp       sugar 1 can        peeled tomato (Molinera brand is the cheapest at P48/can) 1 tbsp       dri…

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